Macgregor 26X built 1995 - 2003.................... Macgregor 26M built 2003 - Now



Macgregor 26X about to happen

— 15th May 2008

Scott has sent an inventory as to what is on his Macgregor 26X called "the Jenny".

The boat has a full set on sails including a spinnaker and Chute scoop, a 40hp outboard, dual axle trailer with upgraded lights, Raymarine GPS, Wheel Auto Pilot, Wind/Rotovecta, Speed/Depth/Temp meter and PC interface and more..

There is also mention of some minor chips and scratches and a gel coat crack on the hull, these won't take long to repair, we have a lot of experience in fiberglass/gel coat repair.

Nice One Scott

— 26th May 2008

Got and email from Scott today he has uploaded some flv video files to his photo bucket for us, it's a great way to see around, on top and inside the boat. When you live half way around the world in a different hemisphere it a great way to look around.

Let's Get A Survey Done

— 27th May 2008

It took a couple of days to find a Marine Surveyor in the correct part of Missouri but we did it, Bill Finnegan of Yacht Services.

Bill shall contact Scott directly to organize a time that is suitable to both of them, with the time shift of +17.5 hours between Missouri and the Australian east coast it will be easier.

Marine Survey Done

— 5th June 2008

The survey arrived today, the only concern that we have is with some cracks on the transom. I have asked Scott if he can send some photographs so I can see what Bill the Surveyor is talking about, nothing is on the forum on the subject.

Transom Cracks

— 6th June 2008

The transom cracks appear to be stress cracks in the gel coat on the coaming from when the motor and ladder were tightened-up, if a big enough spacer had been inserted between the motor and transom the coaming wouldn't have any stress on it, easy fix.

Rotten Flu

— 25th June 2008

We come down with a bad dose of the flu, I haven't been able to do much at all for a few days.


— 20th July 2008

Scott has sent another link with more flv videos showing how he setup the boat, they will take most of the guess work out when we start putting things back together.

Ready For The Truck

— 27th July 2008

Scott has the boat ready for pickup by removing the goal posts, rudders and placing the mast in the lower position around the stanchions and removed some mold from around the transom, that should help with quarantine inspection.

Picked up by a Pickup

— 31th July 2008

An e-mail arrived this morning, the boat has been picked up with as Scott called it a "dually pickup."

No idea how long it will take to get to the packers, the shippers haven't informed us as to what ship it shall be on, I read somewhere that the pilots servicing Panama Canal are slowing things down, could be domestic only, don't know.

Shipping dates

— 1st August 2008

Damian from AWS rang today, the ship leaves Savannah on the 10th August 2008 with the boat packed away nice and snug in it's container and arrives at Port Kembla on the 1st October 2008.

The e-bay inflatable

— 25th August 2008

Won an e-bay auction on a 2.7 metre inflatable dinghy, that will do nicely as a dinghy.

Revised Shipping dates

— 29th August 2008

The invoice arrived today from AWS for the container, packaging and ship costs, we noticed the date for the ships departure from Savannah and arrival in Australia were different than previously advised, the ship shall not be arriving in Australia on the 10th October 2008.

Boat licences

— 1st September 2008

In all the years that I have been sailing I have never needed a boat licence. Linda and I sat for our boat licences today in the Maritime office at Blacktown, both of us got a 100% pass.

Bill of Sale

— 4th September 2008

The bill of sale, titles and Raytech software arrived today from Scott, many thanks to Scott for everything he has done.

The e-bay outboard

— 6th September 2008

Purchased a brand new Mercury 3.3hp outboard today from a dealer at a good price, we will use it on the inflatable boat from e-bay, we shall pick it up on Monday.

e-bay outboard picked up

— 8th September 2008

We went to Blue Pacific Marine at Dural today to pickup the 3.3hp outboard, David and his wife are nice and helpful, David had already checked the motor over making sure everything was OK.

The BIG crate

— 10th September 2008

Arrived home today to find a big cardboard box inside a wooden crate, we had to break apart the crate to get the box into the house, our inflatable dinghy has arrived, who doesn't blow up an inflatable boat when it arrives ........... looks good we can't wait to get it into the water but alas getting the Rangie on the road comes first.

MSC Krittika arrives

— 21st October 2008

The MSC Krittika arrived today carrying the container holding our MacGregor, the ship won't be getting a dock until Friday, it's getting a bit tedious waiting with all these delays.

More Delays

— 24th October 2008

Pierrett from AWS let us know today that Customs want to x-ray the container and that there is about a four day delay of containers on the waiting list, after that the container shall be taker to Customs yard where the container is unpacked and visually inspected ........... I am surprised that they need to x-ray and visually inspect, what can the x-ray do through the container that they can't see visually?

Déjà Vu

— 29th October 2008

Pierrett cancelled the truck picking up our container today as the x-ray still hasn't happened, if we are lucky we might be picking up the boat on Friday .......... Fingers crossed.

On a side note we found out that the ship has docked at Port Botany not Port Kembla, they are about 90 km apart.

Déjà Vu Deux

— 30th October 2008

We found out this afternoon there is a 5 to 6 day delay at the docks for the containers waiting an x-ray, so the truck has been cancelled again, if the docks get there act together the container might be picked up on Friday or Saturday maybe even Sunday, the truckie has 24 hours to collect the container after it has been processed or we get a storage bill .... what a joke!


— 30th October 2008

Got the quotes for insuring the MacGregor and trailer, Club Marine looks good at $543, NRMA came in at $677 while CGU is a joke at over $1900, no prizes for guessing which way we will go.

Seen For The First Time

Extraction— 5th November 2008

After being stuffed around by Oz Customs for ages we finally got to see the boat in person for the first time, we were there when the container was opened and worked with the Patrick's guys to re-attach the axles and tires to the trailer.

The Customs inspector look over the boat straight away, when he did he put his hand into one of the storage bins found a very small amount of dirt and refused to sign off on the boats release until the interior is steam cleaned. We are informed it will be ready after 10.30 AM Thursday the 6th.... BUGGGERRR

Finally Home

Finally— 10th November 2008

Picked up the boat today from the Oz Customs yard, so much for picking it up last Thursday. In NSW as long as the trailer is safe on the road with lights for Brakes, Blinkers, Clearance, etc you can get a Road Worthy Certificate from a Mechanic, with that you go to the RTA for an Unregistered Vehicle Permit. Save us about $800.00 in Truck Costs.

Clean Out Time

— 11th November 2008

We had to remove all the cushions, etc today to let them dry out properly, boy was it wet inside.

It's going to be a while before we can get into cleaning up the boat and trailer properly, we have to get the Rangie on the road.

Trailer Bits

Coming out of container— 5th December 2008

We picked up the 2000kg tow coupling with hydraulic brakes and override today, the LED lights arrived from Coast to Coast Yesterday, we intend to fit the lot or as much as we can on Sunday we have until the 15th December to get the Blue Slip inspection done by Bob at Spencer Road Mechanical.




More Bits Done

—21st January 2009

The trailer lights have been installed, the trailer has had a repaint in Killrust, the hand rail that the US shipping packers cut to get the boat into the container has been welded and new stainless screws and Nylock nuts sourced to re-attach the three handrails to the boat.

Linda has been busy cleaning and disinfecting the interior from the mess left by the shippers and Customs ... What a mess.

I have been asked to show more about removing the boat from the container you will find it here macgregor26x Shipping Container

All Registered

—20th March 2009

We finally have the trailer registered with NSW RTA, the Department of Infrastructure and Transport mucked up the paper work allowing us to bring the trailer into the country, after Customs signed off on the paperwork being correct I didn't bother to double check ..... all that's over now.

The weighbridge ticket came in at 1660 kg's, not bad for a 26ft sailboat with steel trailer and dual axle.

We have also registered the boat with NSW Maritime for the Boatcode.

Alas no sailing over the next few weekends, life gets in the way.


—10th April 2009

I needed to change over some of the wiring on the boat, not knowing the rating of the 115 VAC wiring that Scott had installed I decided to redo all the 240 VAC with wire left over from the house extensions, I'll have an electrician mate check over and pass the job before it gets plugged in. We needed to change over some of the 12 V wiring as well, two 6 V deep cycle batteries in series giving 12v 225 Amp Hour are now installed, enough for an Engel MT35 Fridge Freezer, radio/CD/DVD, and anything else we want to add later, the wiring we replaced was a bit too light and didn't meet Australian standards, insurance would have been void if we had any problems because of it.

I have also fitted a 7-stage battery charger, and a Sidewinder Voltage Sensitive Relay to isolate both battery banks when not being charged.


—11th April 2009

Installed a GRE Marine Radio/CD/DVD/MP3/USB/SD card player and a couple of Marine speakers Today .... the LCD screen only shows Gobbledygook , read the manual, manual states to hit the reset button on a new installation, still not working, recheck everything, wiring fine, back to the shop it goes.

I did my usual while installing, disconnect batteries, run new wiring from fuse box to equipment, add connectors to wire, where needed solder/heat shrink any wire connections, connect batteries, check voltages at fuse box and equipment plug, connect plug to equipment while batteries disconnected then power up.

Resealing Chainplates

—23rd April 2009

I resealed the chainplates to stop a few water leaks. There is more about it here.